• Folgende Künstler untersagen das Tuben bzw. Verwenden ihrer Grafiken

    Bitte haltet euch daran.

    This email was sent to me through one of my other groups the artists are clamping down on people stealing work >from them they are getting their laywers to close down and also sue people respondsible for stealing Please use this list to know what you can use and can not use in groups numerous groups have already been closed already:

    To All Members
    Copyright Notice
    Please do not delete this
    For the longest time groups have been using copyrighted images such as House Mouse, Disney characters, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, Garfield, Carebears, Looney tunes, and other graphics for stats, tags and sharing these graphics and tubes not knowing that there was anything wrong with doing so because everybody in groups have been doing this for quite awhile. Please take a look at this list of images that these lawyers and owners are requesting that we no longer use and let us respect their ownership of these graphics. If you have some in your possession as we all do, please do not share them any longer. Groups are getting prosecuted and shut down by these high paid lawyers.
    The Janesko artwork that is talked about at the bottom of this list will not be a problem in this group as her artwork is adult in nature and we don't share Adult content in our group anyway.
    This will be quite a change for all of us in our groups as we will have to make sure we do not share any of the following graphics as stats, tags or images. Thanks for your cooperation.
    Sharri, owner, Veronica, Diane and Xanthe moderators
    The group list world is becoming a dangerous place...artists are mad and they have lawyers that will go after any person violating their copyrights. The following is a list of artists and or companies who have copy written work being swapped on the group lists. Please respect their requests and do not use any of the following images...the artist's lawyers are going after list owners and groups and are shutting groups down. We don't want to be one of them.

    9 Chickweed Lane (United Media)
    ALF®, ©Warner Brothers
    All Star Santa®, ©Ruth Morehead
    ArtNatAm (Native American Artists)
    Artplaymix (Anime site)
    Barbie™, ©Mattel, Inc.
    Barney and Friends™, ©Lyons Partnership (Their lawyers crack down hard on violators!)
    Ron Barsano (Artist)
    Batman™, ©DC Comics
    (The World Of) Beatix Potter
    Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo (Artists)
    Linda Bergkvist (Artist)
    Berta Hummel™, ©W. GoebelPozellanfabrik GmbH and Co. KG, Germany
    Betty Boop, ©King Features Syndicat Inc./Fleischers Studios Inc.
    Blessed Are Ye®, Ruth Morehead
    Blues Clues and ALL Nick Jr. Programs and character, ©Viacom
    Internation Inc.
    Boyds Collection® (Bears)
    Bozo The Clown, ©TM Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation
    Bratz Pack and Dolls
    Bubblegum Kids (and other candy products) (Armurol Confections
    Calico Kittens™, ©Enesco
    Canadian Artists on the Web (Needs Permission!)
    Care Bears, ©Those Characters from Cleveland, Inc. - Subsidiary of
    American Greetings.
    J.D. Challenger (Artist) (Unauthorized reproduction of any image
    Cherish® - A Lovely Cherub, ©Ruth Morehead
    Cherised Teddies® by Priscilla Hillman, ©Enesco
    Christ-Centered Mall Art Gallery
    Clifford The Big Red Dog, ©Scholastic, Inc.
    Sandra Lynam Clough - Tapestries Artist
    Curious George, © and Trademark of Houghton Mifflin Company, Licensed By Universal
    Cute Colores (Read their STRICT TOU; it depends on how you want to
    use them)
    Salvatore Dali (Panter - Many of his works are still copyrighted)
    Ken Danby (Artist)
    Sue Dawe (Fantasy Artist)
    Kate Dawidiziak (Ever Enchanted Artwork/Fantasy Artist)
    James Dean, ©CMG Worldwide
    Dawn ©Joseph Linsner
    Dexter's Lab, ©Nintendo
    Dickens' Village Series®, ©Department 56
    Digital By Nature (wallpaper scenery etc - Needs PERMISSION)
    All Disney Characters
    Donato Art Gallery (Artist: Donato Giancola)
    Dorian Cleavenger (Artist)
    Dreamsicles, ©Cast ARt
    Easter Parade®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Mary Engelbreit© (Artist)
    Elfquest, ©Warp Graphics, Inc.
    Elvis Presley
    Endagered Young' uns®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Eyeore from "Winnie the Pooh" Works, ©Disney, ©A. A. Milne, E.H.
    Fantasy Artworld (Artist: Wendy and Brian Froud)
    Farscape Fantasy ©The Jim Henson Company
    Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker [Estate of Mary Cicely Barker]
    Flintstones, ©Hanna-Barbera
    Forever Friends (Teddy Bears)
    Lisa Frank (Artist)
    Frosty Tots®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Wendy and Brian Froud
    G.I. Joe™, ©Hasbro
    Garfield (and Odie), ©Jim Davis, ©uclick LLC and Paws, Inc.
    Judy Garland, ©Estate of Judy Garland
    Anne Geddes (Artist)
    Dona Gelsinger (Artist)
    Carol Heiman-Greene (wildlife artist- Needs Permission!)
    Victoria S. Griffin (Artist- Dreams, Shades, and Fairytales - Needs
    Grinch Cartoon Characters, ©Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.
    Gumby™ and Pokey™, ©Premavision, Inc. And Prema Toy Co.
    Anthony Gurerra (Until Further Notice!)
    Daniel Hahlbohm (Religious Artist-Needs permission)
    Hanna-Barberaâ„¢ Characters
    Harley-Davidson®, ©H-D
    Louise Harvey (Fantasy Artist)
    Hasbro Products (all), ©Hasbro
    Hello Kitty™, ©Sanrio
    He-Man Cartoons, ©Mattel, Inc.
    Hershy Foods Corporation
    Hey Arnold (And all Characters), ©Nickelodeon
    Priscilla Hillman (Artist) (Mose Tales®, and Cherished Teddies®),
    Hogan's Heroes, ©Viacom International, Inc.
    Daniel B. Holeman (Artist)
    Holly Babes®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Joseph Holodook (Artist)
    House Mouse, ©Ellen Jareckie, ©House-Mouse Designs
    Howdy Doody (And Characters), ©NBC,Inc.
    Jael (Artist)
    Jennifer Janesko (Pinup Artist)
    Thomas Kinkade© (Artist/Painter)
    Sandra Kuck© (Artist)
    Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (Artist)
    Little Big Top®, ©Ruth Morehead
    The Little Mermaid, ©Disney
    The Little Rascals, ©King World Productions, Inc.
    Llewellyn Publications (ask permission first!!!)
    Todd Lockwood (Fantasy Artist)
    Looneytunes, ©Warner Brothers
    Lena Lui© (Artist)
    M and Ms®, ©Mars, Inc
    Makoto Muramatsu
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marine Art (Marine Art and Gallery - Needs Permission!)
    Mars, Inc. (All candies have copyrights/trademarks)
    June Marucci (artist)
    Monopoly®, ©Hasbro
    Ruth Morehead (ALL IMAGES)
    Mouse Tales® By Priscilla Hillman, ©Enesco
    Muppets™, ©Jim Henson Company
    NEOPETS- ©Neopets, Inc.
    Jimmy Neutron, ©Nickelodeon
    NFL (Nation Football League)
    NHL (Nation Hockey League)
    Nick Jr, TV Shows - All Characters and Cartoons, ©Viacom
    International Inc.
    Nine Chickweed Lane
    Judy O'Brien (artist)
    Odie (and Garfield), ©Jim Davis, ©uclick LLC and Paws, Inc.
    Paddington Bear, ©Michael Bond/©Paddington and Co., Ltd.
    Paramount Pictures
    Peanuts® (Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy, Linus, ect), ©United Features Syndicate, Inc.
    PEZ®, ©PEZ Candy Inc.
    Piglet from "Winnie The Pooh" Works, ©Disney, ©A.A Milne and E.H.
    Pillsbury (All Pillsbury Products/Logos/Characters)
    Pimboli (Teddy Bears)
    Pokemon, ©Nintendo
    Pokey™, ©Premavision, Inc. and Prema Toy Co.
    Rein Poortvliet (Dutch Painter; Artist/Illustrator of "Kabouter"
    Dutch Gnomes)
    Powerpuff Girls, ©Cartoon Network/Time Warner
    Precious Moments™, ©Previous Moments, Inc. (Limited)
    Pretty As A Picture®, NBM Balmer Studios/Alask Momma. Inc., ©Kim
    Rabbit (From "Winnie the Pooh"), ©Disney, ©A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard
    Rag Tag Teddies®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Rainbow Brite - Hallmark Licensing Company
    Ren and Stimpy, ©Nickelodeon
    Norman Rockwell - Artist (©Rockwell Family Trust/Estate)
    Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, ©Rudolp Company, L.P.
    Rugrats™, ©Nickelodeon
    Ann Salisbury (artist)
    Sarah's Angels™, ©Pavilion Gifts
    Scooby Doo, ©Warner Brothers
    Don Seegmiller (Artist - Needs Written Permission for art usage!!)
    Seraphim Classics®, ©Roman
    Shrek and Characters, ©Dreamworks LLC
    Smurfs, ©PEYO
    Snowbabies®, ©Department 56
    SnoWonders™, ©Department 56
    South Park (ALL CHARACTERS), ©Comedy Central
    Speed Racer, ©Nickelodeon
    SpongeBob Squarepants™ and Characters, ©Nickelodeon
    Star Trek®, ©Paramount Pictures
    Strawberry Shortcake and Characters (Trademarks)
    Superman™, ©DC Comics
    Susan's Bears
    Valerie Tabor-Smith (Artist)
    Teddey Bears By Forever Friends
    Teenie Halloweenies®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Teletubbies, ©BBC and Ragdoll
    Sarah Theophilus (Pet Artist)
    Thumble® (The Thimble Sized Mouse), ©Ruth Morehead
    Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh", ©Disney, ©A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard
    Toxic Angel (Fantasy Artist)
    Toyland Treasures®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Undercover Kids®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Universal Pictures
    Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell (artist)
    Warm and Whimsical Characters®, ©Ruth Morehead
    Warner Brothers Characters
    Michael Whelan (artist)
    Maria J. William (Artist)
    L.A. Williams (Artist) - LAW Studio Fantasy Art
    Windel Winni (German Cartoon)
    Winnie the Pooh, ©Disney, ©A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard
    The Wizard of Oz (Including All related characters/elements) -
    Tradmarks of ©Turner Entertainment Co.
    Art by Tami Wolfgram (Artist)
    Vernon Wooten (Artist)
    Absolutely no sends of Janesko artwork are to be sent through
    any group in any form whatsoever.
    No tubes, images, tags or anything Janesko.
    Janeskos work is a no-no and this isnt a new
    request >from Janesko, however groups are now being shut down and they are taking
    action against violators of her copyright.
    The info below is copied & pasted from another group
    And is up to date.
    Any use, modification, or redistribution of Janesko artwork is not allowed and is a
    violation of the artist's copyright.
    All offenses and members using Janesko's artwork will be prosecuted
    To the fullest extent of the law.
    Rob Harsh
    Janesko Fine Art

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  • danke Ricky,.......habe es auch schonvor längerem rein gegeben,......man kann es unter Genehmigungen finden,.....

    die Yes Listen und No Listen,......

    nur leider schaut da fast keiner rein,.. :keinea: :keinea:....ist eigentlich schade,...

    Sprich nie ein hartes Wort, womit Du jemanden kränkst. Du triffst vielleicht sein Herz, viel tiefer als Du denkst .

  • Cama ich hab die Liste.......von Anjya's Bastelgroup bekommen.....da gab es nämlich Probleme mit eine Copyright Bild

    ich hatte gestern 149 Mails in meinem Postfach

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  • wegen was die vielen E-Mails??????

    ist bei uns was am Board?????,...nicht OK,...

    es ist ja nur schade das wir das alles reinsetzen und es guckt keiner ,..das meine ich

    Sprich nie ein hartes Wort, womit Du jemanden kränkst. Du triffst vielleicht sein Herz, viel tiefer als Du denkst .

  • Nee neee bei uns im Board ist alles OK

    die vielen Mails waren.......von den Gruppen.......die darüber entschieden haben ob das Bild disqualifiziert werden soll

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  • Ich bin ganz ehrlich, ich kenne mich nicht so gut aus, viele der Künstler sagen mir nichts. ©Disney und so ist ja klar, aber so spezielle Künstler. Sowas hab ich nicht im Kopf und wüßte auch gar nicht, wenn ich ein Bild sehe, dass es einem bestimmten Künstler zuzuordnen wäre. Werde aber immer mal wieder bei Genehmigungen schauen gehen. :boydenk:

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  • ist schon OK Z@uberfee,.......wir haben da eine kleine Expertin,
    unsere Teddybär,....die sieht das fast immer gleich,....mir ersöhnlich fällt es auch
    nicht immer gleich auf
    also nur halt dann nicht böse sein wenn du darauf angesprochen wirst,....:drueckdich:

    HIER gibte noch mehr,......
    von erlaubten Künstler ,....
    zu Künstler die TABU sind,....
    und die neuesten Listen

    Sprich nie ein hartes Wort, womit Du jemanden kränkst. Du triffst vielleicht sein Herz, viel tiefer als Du denkst .

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